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Our cause is Community empowerment nothing else

Prime Community Outreach is a community based organization that works within Masaka, a southern district in Uganda. Among the many activities engaged, emphasis is put on five pillars; Climate change mitigation, education support, Women empowerment, youth mentorships and health awareness. We strongly envision a community where lives change for better, equal rights and opportunities.

We put the environment, women and education at the heart of our work. Women and girls access to equal opportunities represents a powerful and effective opportunity to end extreme poverty. When one woman escapes poverty, she will bring four or more others with her.

We share with you( our supporters) the desire for everyone to have a fair chance in life, and an equal opportunity. We aim to provide assistance to those needy children achieve education regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

We are environmental conscious where we encourage fruit tree planting in the communities through community Outreach clubs in primary schools, we have a fruit tree nursery bed where we breed indigenous fruit trees and avail seedlings to local people every rain season in Uganda.

I barely saw my mother; she died when I was two years of age. I was brought up by different guardian angels  and mentors. I developed a sense of a need to uplift vulnerable people in communities because we are not sure of what the future holds to them. We should know that we are agents of change and continuity. To me, there is no essence to live if there is no impact in life; you can be part of our organization to create positive impact in communities

Kyobe John, Founder


Prime community Outreach welcomes volunteers from all walks of life, and it relies on volunteers to achieve its goals. Opportunities include placements in our community outreach programs; climate change mitigation, youth mentorship, health, women empowerment and education support. You can participate in fundraising or can suggest relevant projects that you wish to carry out.


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We envision a society of people participating and benefiting actively and meaningfully in the development of their communities to achieve their full potential and better standards of living

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We are a community based organisation registered in in 2020 with a mission of pursuing projects that represent sustainability of communities in terms of environmental, health? and social aspects by engaging partners and duty bearers. We firmly believe that our cause will ensure sustainability and inspire a new generation of change makers. For all our partnerships, we seek out those with a vision for supporting communities build sustainable lives.

All donations given to Prime Community Outreach are transparently spent on intended projects and accountability is key and emphasized

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