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You volunteer with us and even get better knowledge of how our people live( Volunteer tourism)

Volunteer with us

Prime community Outreach welcomes volunteers from all walks of life, and it relies on volunteers to achieve its goals. Opportunities include placements in our community outreach programs; climate change mitigation, youth mentorship, health, women empowerment and education support. You can participate in fundraising or can suggest relevant projects that you wish to carry out.

Online volunteers

You can also choose to volunteer right from your own home. Prime Community Outreach offers wide range of opportunities for online volunteers who can be involved in several tasks including;

Fundraising and publicity

Writing and editing


Coordination and Facilitation


Project development and management

Consultancy and much more


Help us raise money for our humanitarian causes

We envision a society of people participating and benefiting actively and meaningfully in the development of their communities to achieve their full potential and better standards of living

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We are a community based organisation registered in in 2020 with a mission of pursuing projects that represent sustainability of communities in terms of environmental, health? and social aspects by engaging partners and duty bearers. We firmly believe that our cause will ensure sustainability and inspire a new generation of change makers. For all our partnerships, we seek out those with a vision for supporting communities build sustainable lives.

All donations given to Prime Community Outreach are transparently spent on intended projects and accountability is key and emphasized