What We Do


Our organization is involved in numerous projects

We reach out to all the people in our communities regardless of their backgrounds


Fruit tree nursery bed set up; this project is in its initial stages; a nursery bed has been set up and seeds are being collected. Distribution of seedlings will be next year during the rainy season.

Charcoal Briquette making venture; As a way of ensuring self sustainability without sacrificing the ecological health of our environment by conserving energy, we intend to set up a charcoal briquette venture, to create jobs for the community, save our trees from being cut and also for income which will also help us run the organization. The project is worthy investing in


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene; through this we intend to put up boreholes in the communities, improve on the status of community wells/ water points.

We intend to install water points in different community schools to encourage hand washing.

We also intend to ensure that kids take clean drinking water through supporting them have purified water. Majority of people in our community take unclean, unboiled and indeed contaminated water which leads to several communicable diseases. We intend to make communities better by availing clean water( borehole construction).

Build a latrine for a family project; There are over 50 families without reasonable pit latrine making them liable to communicable diseases like cholera. Some of these people are aged with no reasonable source of income to put up one. You can support us make these families better.

Tip taps project for communities; before and even within Covid19 pandemic crisis, people in our communities have had difficulties in ensuring hygiene. They have no tip taps to help them wash hands. This initiative intends to help put up tip taps in over 200 families. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Your support will help a family maintain hygiene by washing hands regularly

Emergency food support project; there are some needy families that cannot even afford two meals a day. Your support helps buy food for them to take a second meal especially in times of crisis like Covid19

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Stop sexual harassment, where we engage all community stakeholders to ensure that the victims are helped and culprits put to book.

Boosting coffee production. This intends to train women coffee farmers to increase their yields, produce high quality coffee and form cooperative societies. It will also increase income and nutrition for remote ethnic women and their communities.

Village craft making. Women groups make good crafts from local resources with an aim of earning a living however, they end up with no market. Prime Community Outreach intends to create an online system through which some of the goods can be bought online with the aim of supporting local women pay school fees for their children and also take care of themselves



  • Sponsor a child. You can sponsor a needy child in our village termly or annually. For every child you sponsor, all details about their progress shall be provided.
    • Buy scholastic materials for our vulnerable kids in the community( You send money, we buy and distribute them with accountability and transparency).


Help us raise money for our humanitarian causes

We envision a society of people participating and benefiting actively and meaningfully in the development of their communities to achieve their full potential and better standards of living

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We are a community based organisation registered in in 2020 with a mission of pursuing projects that represent sustainability of communities in terms of environmental, health? and social aspects by engaging partners and duty bearers. We firmly believe that our cause will ensure sustainability and inspire a new generation of change makers. For all our partnerships, we seek out those with a vision for supporting communities build sustainable lives.

All donations given to Prime Community Outreach are transparently spent on intended projects and accountability is key and emphasized